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Panzer and Tank Made in Indonesia (Pindad)

 Panzer and Tank Made in Indonesia, like what?
APCs and tanks are part of the defense and military forces of Indonesia. The main element is the personnel carriers or infantry weapons. However, equally important, in the attack, ambush, reconnaissance and infiltration, the army must be supported by a conveyance that is cavalry tactical personnel.
 Taken from the French cavalry "chavalier", or the horsemen who accompanied the infantry. Cavalry is now commonly used as a term for ground combat forces armored vehicles. One type of equipment with the main task of transporting cavalry troops were armored.
Indonesia's military industry when it gets full support will be able to meet their own needs. Since 2003, PT Pindad in Bandung, West Java, has been producing quality armored pride. Armored armored Pindad has booked many countries, even the use of peacekeeping forces of the United Nations (UN).
Panzer's most advanced Pindad called Anoa. APCs, which travels at 90 kilometers per hour. Anoa fastest in its class. It only took eight seconds for Anoa to accelerate from zero to 60 kilometers per hour. Weight of 12 tonnes does not inhibit Anoa move swiftly in all fields and does not damage the highway (as a comparison vehicle container trucks weighing 20 tons). Machine Anoa of the French car company Renault.

Body armor can not be formed from any steel. Anoa using special steel as thick as 10 millimeters, are immune from most of the bullets. Not only that, Anoa watertight so as to cross the river. He was able to climb the slope to 31 degrees and through various obstacles. Anoa turn by moving the pair of front wheels and a pair of middle wheel. Although the bullet lacerated tires though, Anoa can still move as far as 80 kilometers.
 4x4 amphibious armored Pindad production (photo: Tomoyuki Hirase-Military Kaskus)
Panzer Pindad flagship was designed and built entirely by experts in Indonesia. A team of fabricators Pindad completed within 33 days of the Panzers. Now four teams work together.

Anoa 6x6 armored Pindad production (photo: Defense Studies)

Panzer Anoa not champion. Orders have come from many countries, from Malaysia and Timor Leste to Nepal and South Africa. The price is Rp 9 billion per unit. This is a very promising export commodities from Indonesia. PT Pindad (Limited) difficulties serve the high demand for weapons from various countries due to limited production capacity. Types of weapons that orders are crowded Panzer Anoa type 6 × 6 even have to pivot as the number of orders to hundreds of units.
Panzers most orders come from the Kingdom of Oman to procure as many as 200 units of armored cars for the purpose of guarding the oil fields. Number of orders from the royal Oman, resulted Pindad and suppliers plan to produce gradually over the 4 years since 2010.

Panzer production capacity haulage Pindad has as many as 12 people, eight armored units of the technical specifications have been tested in conditions of a desert country like Lebanon by UN peacekeeping forces since early 2009.
Panzer began to venture into the export market in 2009 because it meets NATO standards at level III. This means that the level of attack resistance is better than level II is in production in China and India. Only certain bullets that can penetrate it and that too from close range.
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 Pindad artificial medium tank prototype (photo: Audrey)
Pindad medium tank has a smaller force than the Leopard. Tank Pindad powerful 500 horsepower, while the German-made Leopard-powered horse power. Size 1500  Pindad artificial medium tanks smaller than Leopard makes it more agile and tactical maneuvering and movement. 
Type of medium tanks made by PT Pindad is considered to be very appropriate to the needs of the primary means of strengthening the defense system (Alutsista) needed TNI.Prototipe tank is finished and already the street in January 2012 just waiting for the government's decision to produce it. Relatively simple principle of tank technology when compared to the aircraft ..
Making assessments Light Tank Pindad cooperation with FNSS Defence Systems Co., Defense equipment manufacturers from Turkey.

FNSS never showing the design of a light tank with a turret base and BMP3 ACV (photo: Army Recognition)
Tank's a brief overview of RI
RI's Scorpion tanks made in England with Cockerill 90mm cannon (all photos: Yonkav8)
Tank Stormer
BMP-3F amphibious tanks Marines Navy (photo: Military Kaskus) 
Amphibious Tank Russian-made BMP-3F is a powerful combat vehicles RI than PT-76 and BUP-2. RI has had 17 units since late 2010 and will be increased gradually to 54 units.
 Tank PT-76 Marines of the Navy (photo: CNN) 
Plavayushchiy-76 Tank (PT-76)is a kind of Russian-made light amphibious tank. Figure 76 is attached to his name is not showing the year of manufacture. However, indicating the size of the original tank cannon, ie 76.2 mm. These tanks are mass produced in the decade of the 50's. Indonesia then began to bring the main tool of this weapons system since 1962.
 Marine Corps also has a number of defense equipment between BTR flagship. Di (Bronetransporter) - P 50 Russian-made armored amphibian that also brought about the same time with the PT-76. Then the BVP-2 which was imported from Slovakia and the LVT (landing vehicle track) - 7A1 made the United States in 1985, a grant from the South Korean Marine Corps in 2009.


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